Smitty's Series 450 Army Wagon
100% Canadian Made!

Same Structure & Components As The Original 450, But Also Includes:
Camouflage Canopy Kit & Box Pad.
Dark Green Reinforced Racks.

(Ash Wood Green)



Benefits & Features:
Extra large wagon body and sides of select, smooth-finished wood.
Dark green removable side racks. (Ash Wood)
Real air tires can handle any terrain, and provide a super soft, super quiet ride.
Extra-long handle for easy pulling.
Controlled turning radius prevents wagon from tipping.
Full length steel frame helps strengthen wagon to support extra weight.

Screwed top rails to help re-enforce strength of wagon racks.
Durable powder coated finish.
10yr limited manufacturers warranty.

Note: Clevis on handle is no longer available.

Note: The picture shown with canopy kit folded up is no longer available. We offer your standard camouflage canopy kit.

Note: This wagon is a custom product. Please call or e-mail to confirm availability of wagon.

Wagon: $499.95 CDN
Wagon: $499.95 USD

Please Note: The US price is based off current exchange rates and does change daily. The price listed is an approximation and will be different at the time of sale.

*with canopy down

"Note" The production of our army wagons or the use of the words army or military is in no way linked to the current political or global climate. We produce these products for the sole purpose of offering variety to your purchasing experience, and for the imagination of a child when utilizing our products.